Are You Ready Second Graders?

Second Graders Loving Others Thoughtfully and Happily !
Welcome to Our Second Grade Community!
Hello Second Grade Families at Annunciation Catholic School!  Here's to a wonderful first day of school up ahead and to the new 2019-2020 school year!   What a blessing it is to be your child's second grade teacher this school year! 
Please know that this site will serve as our weekly second grade newsletter.  Every Monday you will be receiving an updated newsletter that is sent directly to your "inbox."  So, please continue reading to discover what will be taking place within our classroom community and right here at Annunciation Catholic School.

In the second grade, it is critical to foster organizational skills.  In order to assist the students in becoming organized learners, every content area will be color coded.  Each subject will have the following designated colors:

Religion ~ Pink
Language Arts ~ Purple
Math ~ Black
Social Studies ~ Blue
Science ~ Green
Special Areas ~ Yellow

What's the "Summer Slide?"

Hello Families!
This is the final newsletter that will be sent out to families for this school year.  The purpose for this message is to guide parents in understanding what educators refer to as "The Summer Slide."  This year's second grade class has made great academic growth this year and I am so very proud of all their hard work.   That's why I wanted to take the time to communicate to each of you the importance of having your children academically engaged during the course of the summer.  Children who do not work in the areas of reading, writing, or math for an entire summer often experience what is known as the "summer slide."  This learning loss occurs due to a child's lack of educational experiences during the course of a summer.  However there is good news, if your child simply spends fifteen minutes reading and fifteen minutes working in the area of math four to five days a week, they can avoid the summer slide.  Here are some ideas to keep your…

Happy Campers!

Hello Second Grade Families,
Next week will be the final week of your child's second grade school year.  It's hard to believe that the end of our school year is now upon us.  Each year, I enjoy creating a multitude of camping themed learning activities for the kids because our family absolutely loves to go camping!  I bet your families may enjoy spending time in the great outdoors too.  I wanted to inform you ahead of time of what will be going on next week, as there are a few items your child will need to bring to school with them.
So, here is our second grade "camping" itinerary for the last week of school!

Monday ~
insects vs. bugswriting silly or spooky storiesMaking mini s'mores (Please let me know if your child can't have pretzels, marshmallows, or chocolate due to any food related allergies) Spanish Class Art ClassTuesday ~
camping wordsearchCommunity Prayer creating a camping themed memory book of our second grade school yearPE Spanish Classwriting postca…

The Final Countdown Begins!

Hello Second Grade Families,
The final days of our school year have now begun!  There are only nine days left of school!  This week will be the last week for our formal second grade lessons.  This Friday will also be our final spelling test of the year.  I will send out one final newsletter to keep everyone in the loop as to what activities will be taking place for our final four days of school.  Thank you all for your support and efforts this year and it was a blessing to be your child's second grade teacher.   We had a wonderful time learning and growing, socially, academically, and in our faith.  The best part is that we grew together in our second grade learning community!

ELA(Strong Communicators)
Spelling ~ Vowel Diphthongs ow, ou
Grammar ~ Possessive Nouns
Writing ~ Opinion writing
Target Skills ~ Sequence of Events, Compare and Contrast, Analyze/Evaluate

Math (Resourceful Learners)
The students will begin working  in the area of data analysis utilizing our Go Math textbooks.


Hello May!

Hello Second Grade Families,

Welcome to the hectic month of May!  It's hard to believe, but we have all arrived at our final month of school.   The Spring Music concert takes place this Wednesday, so it is going to be quite busy as we prepare the students for their musical presentations.  Due to our busy schedule, the Spelling 
pretest will be given on Tuesday, and on Friday, the students will have their regular Spelling test.  Please continue reading to discover all that will be taking place both inside our classroom and right here at ACS for this week.


ELA (Strong Communicators)
Spelling ~ words with oo
Grammar ~What is an Adverb?
Writing ~ Opinion Writing
Target Skills ~ Fact and Opinion, Author's Purpose, Question

Math (Resourceful Learners)
The students will continue working in our math unit which focuses on geometry and fractions. 
Our class will continue to learn about these two mathematical concepts.

Religion (Active Christians)
The students will continue learning the following…

He Has Risen

Happy Easter Second Grade Families!
I hope that you all had a blessed Easter and a beautiful Spring Break!  Welcome back to all of you.  Can you believe that in a few days we will have arrived in the month of May?  This means that we will only have a few weeks left together in the second grade.  Please know that during the month of May I do not give homework to the students.  The only exception will be to prepare for Spelling tests in the next few weeks.  Please enjoy some extra downtime as I know that both you and your children can use some rest after a very hectic school year!  May 23rd will be the last day of school for all of our ACS students and the students will be dismissed at noon on this day, so please plan accordingly.  Please continue reading this newsletter to discover all that will be taking place at ACS this week and in our second grade classroom.

ELA (Strong Communicators)
Spelling ~ words with oo, ew, ue, ou
Grammar ~ Contractions
Writing ~ Opinion Writing
Target Skills ~…

The Last Week of Lent

Welcome to Holy Week Second Grade Families,
Due to it being a short week, the students will be stepping outside of their regular reading lessons.  Instead, the students will be focusing on religious based lessons and writing their research reports in class.  Please know that the students will be dismissed at noon on Thursday and there is no school on Good Friday.  May you and your families have a blessed Holy Week and a beautiful Easter celebration.  May you also enjoy some much needed downtime during your Spring Break.
Please continue reading to discover all that will be taking place in the second grade classroom and right here at ACS.

ELA (Strong Communicators)
The students will be writing their research reports on a person who contributed scientifically to our world.  This is a cross-curricular activity, as it combines the history of an important scientific figure and writing.

Math (Resourceful Learners)
The students have begun a new unit which focuses on geometry and fractions.  Our cla…